Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Locks of Love

I know I promised the other half of our trip today. That will be later.  I was too excited to wait any longer to show our friends and family our surprise!

This cutie warmed my heart by wanting to not only get a (much needed) cut, but to donate those honey locks.

She squealed when I showed her the ponytail!  Minimum to donate is 10 inches.  We got almost 12. 

And she has a brightness and cheerfulness that has been missing for a while.  Is it possible that hair can weigh us down?  I believe it.

It's adorable on her!  I'm no expert obviously, But I did my best.

Tomorrow, since she's off for Thanksgiving break, we'll mail it off to Florida.  When it comes to serving others, sometimes it means the most to literally give of yourself.

If you have a message for Princess, please comment.  I'll make sure she reads every one!


  1. Princess,

    First off, I love the hair cut. You look even more beautiful and grown-up. But more importantly, thank you for your wonderful example of selflessness. Our lives mean the most when we're serving others, and sometimes that requires sacrifice. Thank you for reminding me how beautiful sacrifice can be. Thank you for inspiring me to find a way to help someone in need.

    Make sure to write about this in your journal, because this is something you'll want to always remember.

    Love and miss you so much,

    Aunt Wendy

  2. This post made me cry! I know how much you love your hair being long. So, it was truly a sacrifice for you. Thanks for your wonderful example. You are so beautiful, inside and out.
    Aunt Jessie

  3. Wonderful! And she looks lovely!

  4. A I am so excited to add this to a wonderful month of service our family has been doing. Its a big sacrifice and it will mean so much to someone: )

  5. Marissa and I donated our hair last year because her friend has leukemia. It feels so good!! (The weight of the hair AND the knowledge of where it's going!) She looks darling!! We miss you guys! Love, Shelly

  6. What a sweet thing to do!! Your new style is lovely!!!

  7. Way to go girl!! I am so proud of you for giving of yourself for others!! Of course you already do that ALL the time so keep it up! You look gorgeous!

  8. That is so sweet and kind to do that. And she looks so nice with the new haircut!!!

  9. Awesome!!! You are going to make some little girl so happy :)


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