Thursday, November 21, 2013

Sometimes they make all the difference

It takes a village.  When your child is surrounded by good friends, grandparents that love them, teachers that care - it means the world.

This is particularly true for Potter.

 He loves people, he has lots of friends, NEEDS interaction with lots of friends.

He enjoyed going back to his old stomping grounds last month to see a play starring his friend, C.

This is her mom and I.  We're glad they're friends, and we'd also be lying if we said we weren't glad there's 60 miles between them right now.  But they are good kids.  Potter has always surrounded himself with the best. 

He borrowed my camera and gave it to a friend.  Somebody put the camera on a weird setting, so these are terrible, but this is the best teacher in his life ever, his beloved jr high drama coach.

She came to his closing night performance of the school musical last week and sent a note backstage to him so that he'd know she was watching.  All the way up here, just for him, on a school night.  Amazing.

A village.  A whole village.

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