Thursday, December 5, 2013

Gearing up for Christmas

I decided since we're in a new place and new traditions are part of the package this year, that I would get an earlier start on Christmas then ever before.  For most of you that just means doing it when YOU are doing it.  I am a traditionally late Christmas decorator.  I got some fabric for $2.  It was about 2 yards of a vibrant red plaid grandma polyester.  I'm quite certain my grammy had a pair of pants made of this in 1979.

In order to cover my existing pillows but still remove easily I opted for an envelope closure on the back of the covers, which is also the easiest version in my opinion.

I wanted one to contrast so I tried to do an iron on applique but I think my fusible web was old or something.  When that didn't work I just sewed in on instead.

Two of my old pillows had green on them so they got to stay.

Ta-da!  All ready for Thanksgiving now :)  I wanted to finish dinner and come home to a place already beginning to show Christmas cheer.

We ate with Strider's fam this year.  We were missing one couple, but the rest of us enjoyed great food together.  We had a niece and a nephew born this year, so, much to be thankful for!

I've never volunteered for the rolls before, but have been happy with this version lately so I went for it.  Mmm.

Here's our nephew getting his first taste of solid food.  What better time than on the holiday known for food?!

Princess sang a song about gratitude for us.  It was a nice day.

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  1. I love your contrast pillow! Glad you had a nice Thanksgiving!


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