Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Going out with a POP

Not exactly a bang this year, but that's okay.  Instead of our usual rip-roaring game night with Strider's clan, we are sticking around home tonight with all the kiddos.  Some family members had plans.  There was the long drive to consider.  The older boys aren't interested in the local church dance and the younger ones don't have a choice.  So we're doing things our way.  

Starting at 5pm we will take turns popping a balloon every hour and doing the family activity inside.  I had each person write down a game or fun thing to do together.  We will put away all phones and internet and be present as a family.

The sparkling cider is chilled, and we'll have chips & salsa.  Other than that, not much!  No noisemakers or confetti.  I have plenty of noisy kids that make messes as it is :)

It should help pass the time, since the natives have been a bit restless around here.  They'd never admit missing school of course, but I think they miss their routines and daily structure.

Tomorrow is our traditional lucky pork & sauerkraut meal.  I am looking forward to preparing it, especially since my brother is driving up to share it with us.

Just 24 hours ago there was a large tree in this spot.  Talk about feeling naked!  So weird to take it all down.

We've gotten so used to new traditions around here, that new traditions are our new tradition.  The benefit of me being forced to let go of so much lately is that I do not feel my usual New Years Eve emotions of being melancholy and introspective about the year that has passed me by.  I can't remember a Dec 31 that I didn't cry at midnight, but this might be the first.  

To all of you who still read this 'lil old blog, thank you for being my audience and loving me and my family.  We don't have it all together but I sure like these people of mine.  They are my source of laughter, tears, joys and heartache.  I love this grand thing we call life.  

I know that God has been watching over us for 2013 and that 2014 has many miracles in store for us as well.  See you next year!!


  1. Did you make it without crying?
    It was hard for me too.
    I love the balloon idea. Wish I did that. Must remember for next year. I love having family parties.
    Hope this year is the best yet for you!!


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