Friday, December 6, 2013

In search of the perfect tree...

...or in our case, a tree with character.  

While out for an errand on Black Friday, Strider and I stumbled upon a tree farm not too far from home.  We were interested enough that we went home, got the kids, and went back.  Apparently it was Christmas Tree Day.

We are usually late decorators and the real tree we get every year usually goes up around the second weekend in December.  I don't like being cramped or in pine needle mess for longer than necessary.  So this was a big deal for us.  Well, I thought about it.  I have a larger space this year plus if we cut down our own tree it would be fresher - less dropped needles.

We hunted and hunted.  This place had tons of trees but I was very picky and we were on a tight budget.  Too bushy.  Weird top.  Too full. Not slender enough.

Finally the owner (I think she was sick of trying to please me) pointed at a huge tree and said she'd cut off the top of it for less per ft price than the smaller trees.  Well, why not?

So here are my not small children in front of our "tree" so you can see by comparison what a monster it was.  Hee hee.  But hey, we didn't have to cut it.  And the top was pretty cool.

I'll be danged, it is the prickliest Blue Spruce you ever encountered.  Thank heavens she had gloves.

And they hoisted it up and we brought 'er home.

She's funky and different and, well, looks like the top of a really big tree.  And I love her.

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