Monday, December 9, 2013

Officially decorated

With the porch done (THIS post) we could focus on the inside.

Last week for FHE we trimmed the tree.

It's a messy, disorganized jumble for a day or so surrounding this production.  But boy, do they ever love reminiscing as each ornament is unwrapped.

Last year we promised Princess that the 'youngest gets to put the star on' tradition would end.  Because otherwise Rosebud would have that job permanently.  It's a great plan when the family is growing but we saw the need to alter it this year.

The top pieces of this ginormous tree are too thick for our topper.  So this is how it sits.

Jedi worked on the train track only to find out the engine motor starts but won't turn the wheels.  (Grandpa is trying to fix it as we speak).

With no more toddler fingers around, we got out the rarely seen lighted village.  Daddy got it ready downstairs and turned out the lights.

Rosebud gasped and covered her mouth with excitement when she saw it.  She spent several minutes like this, just staring.  I'm totally in love with this picture Strider took.

So, back upstairs - my living room stuff.

Adorable chunky nativity.

Pillows and other decor

The tree is all done.  Such a happy, jumbled, eclectic family tree.

What's on it?

My beloved family pinecone ornament.  I'm sure you remember the story from years past.

Reminders of the season and its meaning

Boy stuff

Girl stuff

Baby stuff from big ones who are babies no more

Activities now behind us

Early parenting

...and little preschoolers with popsicle stick creations.

Gosh, I love seeing all of it.

The girls and I strung unused garland and ornaments over the windows one day after school.

Crazy easy, and a real visual pop!

They shine in the sun during the day and sparkle in the lights at night.

My table.  Pumpkins finally gone; time for poinsettias.  Except the candle looks naked.

Much better.

My friend Tracy made me the Believe decoration.  My friend Marsha was my visiting teacher years ago and a fine seamstress and made the table runner.  I think of them each time they get unpacked.

I found a bundle of large cinnamon sticks at the thrift store.  Fun and different I think.  The kids are always picking them up and smelling them lol.

I didn't buy any new decorations this year for the inside.  Strider bought some lights for the roof, which I consider an investment for sure.  We changed over from incandescent lights to LED's.  And of course I worked on the porch project.

The earlier tree in here, some snow, the decorating, and some local community service last week, has brought me into the spirit earlier than normal.  I needed it!  I finished my shopping today too, so I can enjoy the season.

One more look - cause I can't get over that face, just soaking in all the wonder of it.  That's Christmas right there.


  1. I makes me happy to see that all my hard work did pay off and that people are using something I made to remind them about the real reason for the season! I think I actually gave those ornaments to my primary kids LOVE IT!! Kids really do make Christmas brighter and more fun.

  2. I love seeing the decoration adventures! It all looks so good :)

  3. I loved reading your pinecone story again. Such a great one! Definitely love Rosebud's face. So precious. :)


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