Wednesday, December 11, 2013


Yesterday was the perfect day.  It only happens every 238 days or so, so I wanted to record it.

I'm sure the stage was set in the morning.  I got a fairly early start on the day.  I accomplished more in the home than usual.  My to-do list was shrinking.  I was happy.

Rosebud had too many things in her Christmas pile so I decided to give her her practical gift early.  It was a boxed set of some early readers.  I've worked on some sight words with her but I decided it was time to begin actually reading simple sentences.  She did very well with them and excitedly said she'd read to Daddy when he got home.

The kids all had a good day at school.

Everyone did their homework without complaint.

I went visiting some sisters in my ward and no one killed each other in my absence.

Supper of pork chops and mashed potatoes was enjoyed without complaint and several had seconds.

Strider got home with a smile and enjoyed his meal while I bathed the girls.  After pajamas, she did indeed read to Daddy.  Actually the whole family was gathered around for the special moment of Rosebud reading to us.

After that the older boys continued homework, with Strider helping Potter with the tough math.  It's a struggle for him and he was pushing through it, and even as I watched from the couch in the next room I could tell how hard it was.  As I watched my husband helping his son with patience, and Bugs offering some advice to help him as well, I started to cry.  I consciously felt that it was a moment in time that I wished I could freeze.  My heart swelled with gratitude that I had such a myriad of blessings.

The kids weren't fighting.  The spirit in the home was palpable.

We weren't wondering where our next meal would come from.  We weren't out in the frigid temps.  We aren't facing this life alone; we have each other, and we have a loving Heavenly Father watching over us every second of every day.

I wiped my eyes and asked the girls to join me to read Christmas books under the tree.  It was perfect.   


  1. Those are picture perfect days. And I agree, every 238 sounds about right. But sometimes I enjoy the noise and chaos that is my house, too.
    And you were totally right to document that.

  2. I love those kind of days too :)


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