Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Seasonal happenings

Potter's choir performed some of their Christmas songs at Temple Square so we went down to watch them.  Here they are in the Assembly Hall.

And we met him outside afterward for a couple pictures.

Here he is with friend Christian.  He's also in our ward - good kid.

The boys thought wearing rivalry gear on church grounds would be funny.

The nativity near the North Visitor's Center is so beautiful.

Princess finished her semester of choir with an indoor concert.

She did great.

I put out a few more decorations, this time in the kitchen and laundry room.

This one was placed strategically.  This is the bar where the kids eat breakfast every day.  I wanted the message that they would read the most often to be the most meaningful one for this time of year.

Maybe it will sink in.

We got a couple decent storms, and with frigid temps, the snow has stuck around.  
Think we'll have a white Christmas?

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