Friday, January 10, 2014

A new outlook

My sister Ash told me something interesting a couple weeks ago.  She said that she made Fridays a cleaning day.  That way she was all ready to go for the weekend ahead.   Hmmm. 

I thought about it last night.  I have been feeling tired and rundown.  I don't like weekends.  There, I said it.  I can't stand the mess and the lack of routine.  I know I'm letting little things get in the way of big things.  So last night I slept for 10 (!) hours.  I resolved to get up in the morning and try really hard to put some of her ideas into practice.

See, my week normally goes like this:

Monday - gung ho cleaning, getting back on track, takes ALL day to do it.  Exhausted by the end.

Tues little energy.  

Wed-Fri I do some around here, but not caring as much as I should.  

Sat-Sun my eyes are bleeding from looking at disarray and I'm resentful that the rest of the clan doesn't see what needs to be done. 

Well, I caught up on all the laundry today.  All.  I swept the floors and washed the pans and wiped down surfaces that are usually forgotten till Monday.    Will it make a difference?  We'll see.  But I'm happy today AND looking forward to the weekend.  That's rare.

A few other reasons for a new outlook:

The house was feeling blah after the Christmas cleanup.  I put out a couple fresh things on the table.

I printed this and stuck it in a silver frame.  I love icy blues & greens in January.

We had two days of storms this week.  An elderly man cleared our driveway both days before we had a chance to get to it.  What the?!  Feeling both guilty and thankful.

Strider asked me this morning as he said goodbye if I'd like to go out tonight.  Woot!  Happy weekend!

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