Thursday, January 23, 2014

A new phase

My potter is less than a month from being 16, which means he'll be dating soon.  (!)

A week ago we were startled by a loud pounding on the door at 9:30pm.


Strider flipped on the light and lit up a whole porch full of balloons!  How cool!

It's a tradition in Utah to do cute ways of asking for dances and 'big' dates.  It's a Mormon thing.  There's a casual dance called "Sweathearts" (not to be confused with a formal Sweethearts dance) at the high school up here.

  It happens to be a short 2 days after this guy is the big 16.  Well isn't that convenient!

Awww :)

I was giddy.  We brought them all in and he got to work popping them and separating out the glow sticks that had letters on them.  Then unscrambled to reveal a name.

Teens rock.  I'm so excited!  

Oh, and so is he.  


  1. So fun!! Make sure you blog how he answers!

  2. he looks so excited and cute. That's awesome

  3. That was Crazy COOL!! I loved asking or getting those things for dances so clever and fun! how is he answering back?

  4. What a fun way of asking! Can't wait to hear about how he answers!

  5. It is sooo neat to see our kids grow up and be recognized as "likable" by their peers! It is also very scary to have them old enough to date! I understand your comment about being giddy - that is exactly how I felt when Josh got asked to a dance. It's just plain exciting! I could go on and on, but Hooray for Potter! I hope he has a fabulous time & tells you all about it (if he doesn't, then just say, "Hey you need to tell me, because I've wondered and worried about you all night and I want to know every little tiny detail!) :)


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