Monday, February 3, 2014

December Round-up

I wanted to take a minute to catch up on our wonderful week of Christmas.  

   It was a cold, cold December.

We got a great snowstorm and the kids had fun building their first snowman of the season.

I love watching them do projects together.

We had family over for dinner & games on the Sunday before Christmas.

On Christmas Eve we went to my mom's house for the traditional sibling gift exchange.  As usual, it's the best gift-giving of the holiday.

Bugs' gift was special this year.  He made a horse statue in art class for his sister.  I loved how happy he was to give it to her.

In fact, all these photos speak for themselves.

Rosebud about to burst as she waited for him to unwrap his present.

Then it was time for pj's.

My mom got us all Penn State shirts.

All we wanted was a decent picture.  Not happening.

It's more like 20 minutes of this.

We drive home sleepily, and Santa came!

It felt different waking up in a different house this time, but it was still great.

I'm so lucky to be a parent.  The magic of Christmas cannot be duplicated!  We are so blessed in every way.


  1. Those are awesome photos! So you open all your presents at night? Or am I confused. Your kids are so cute and look so happy and thankful. Love it!

  2. The looks on their faces...all of them!!! I loved it :)


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