Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Pets & patience

Such a good momma bunny!  She did such a fine job with these little ones.  How over-the-top is it that I've been so dang proud of her for these last two months?

One example is illustrated here.  No one will be thirsty till she heads over to the water bottles.   Then they ALL need to drink at once, and actually stand on her head to do so. 

They are so ridiculous!

She patiently waits for her turn.  I love watching her.

The cute snow ball in the front is the daughter we're keeping from the litter.  She's been the biggest and strongest from day one.  Super affectionate.

 Sometimes she hangs back, though, and keeps her distance.  She's the mature older sister.  Just like me.  :)

These photos are a couple weeks old now.  We've given four of the six babies away and the last should go to a new home this weekend.

It's nice to see some other kids have the joy of picking out a new pet.  Bugs has done a particularly wonderful job at being in charge of their care.  He's so responsible and it's been a fantastic experience!

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Happiness is...

a full fridge

finally, finally getting a wheat grinder

a stocked fruit bowl

a wreath to usher in Spring

gloomy, foggy skies that make me want to wear sweat pants

a new potato recipe to try

my hunt for the perfect water bottle is over!

lumber for a basement shelving project

and a wet, wet week

Just for today I will 

listen to the rain

do my household duties with gratitude

ignore the bickering

forget the bills and due dates


remember the happiness all around me.


Strider and I are having a blast with this kid.  Prom is a short 3 weeks away, so he asked his date this morning.  

All he needed was a bouquet of flowers, a t-shirt and a Sharpie.

Easy peasy!  And she said YES.