Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter Weekend

I have looked forward to this week + weekend for a long time.  It was great!  

So this year we tried a few new strategies.  We asked the Easter bunny to visit us on Saturday so that Jesus could have a separate day just to himself.  We did a pre-Easter Family Home Evening and gave the kids a book about the First Easter to read the whole week.  It sat on the coffee table and prompted questions and discussions.  It worked out beautifully.  We also did the daily Easter verses/songs in the Friend Magazine.

Daddy lent the EB a hand this year.  The bunny filled the baskets but Daddy organized a treasure hunt for each child to find their loot. Some kids were climbing in trees at 7am to look for their clues.  What a hoot!

Some of them went quickly.  Others took FOREVER.

They got a modest amount of candy and a couple dollar store toys (I've scaled back so much over the years).

Then, before Princess' soccer game, we had to find the rabbit escapee.  This baby bunny that we didn't sell  is such a stinker.  Why did we keep her again?  She has escaped from their enclosure every single day last week.  Every one.  We even had the neighbor around the corner bring her to our door.  Oops.

 Rotten, I tell ya.

We went to the hardware store and got wire mesh to build a secure roof. That should work.

Gosh, this kiddo is fun to watch.

Awesome defense.  She kept this shot from being a goal.

 And she even takes the ball away from other girls.  lol

Saturday afternoon we planned an egg hunt with cousins.  Potter was actually the one in charge.

 Bugs means business!

Easter Sunday started with a movie about the Resurrection and baking for family dinner.  We have late church, so lots of prep is done beforehand.

My brother asked today how long we've had the tradition of a bunny cake.  I don't know, but I don't remember not doing it.  I gave the kids free reign on the ears and bowtie.  Yes, I even said a prayer this morning that my OCD/inner control freak would be calm today. Ha!

We added nest cupcakes to round out the sweets overload.  Princess did a lot of the work on these.

I took my flowers from Strider (that are still beautiful, by the way) and split them up to be table decorations.

I mixed three batches of rolls for our meal.

Strider did the carrots while it rose.

The kids and Strider set the table all purty while I showered and unclogged a toilet.  Just keepin' it real.

Jedi wrote place cards.

While we waited for the stragglers to finish chore assignments and to quit talking back and the squabbling to stop, we took some photos.    See how happy they are to not be scrubbing the bathroom?

The prettys.

The handsomes.

We've got our issues at times, but man alive, I am one lucky lady.  All these people call me mom.

After church we feasted.  

Delicious food and the spirit of gratitude for the Lord was present.

Happy Easter 2014 from our family!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Monkey on the monkey bars

My little Rosebud has mastered the rings/monkey bars at the park next door.

 She's so proud and we are too!