Monday, April 7, 2014

Room by room: kitchen

I realized I never showed you my kitchen.  It's one of the biggest blessings of this home.  

So right off the main room of the house is the doorway to the kitchen.  Yes, people coming to my front door can basically see my sink.  Eek!  But hasn't proved to be too much of a problem. Yet.

The storage space is 3x+ what I had in my last little home.  Not an exaggeration.  

See the cinnamon rolls cooling on the stove?  Mmmm.

This last week as I stood at the sink I have been watching the buds on the peach tree swell.  They'll be open by the end of the week.

Spring is so pretty!

Standing in the opposite doorway, the one leading into the laundry room.

I moved my baking items out of plastic rubbermaid canisters and into glass.  They look nicer, are more accessible, and hold more.

My workhorse, aka Kitchenaid. 

Most of my prep work is done right here.  Pans are below, fridge to the left.  Most of what I need is in reach.

And those cinnamon rolls!  Oh, sorry.

Bonus cabinet.  Wonder what it is?

It's the original ironing board cupboard, turned shallow spice rack.  Cute huh?

One day this room will get a new paint color.  Maybe even the cabinets stained a richer color.  I'd love to paint them white, but with the counters and tile all beige I don't think that's best.  But none of that is at the top of the priority list.  I'm too busy being happy in my new house.

So there's my spot.  I spend SO much of my day in here.  What a blessing it is to me.


  1. This room is seriously my favorite! And after living in the same size house you did, I totally know how much a good size kitchen is appreciated :)

  2. Love your original ironing board cupboard, turned shallow spice rack! That's so neat!

  3. Love it!! Those canisters are sweet. And the spice cupboard awesome. That space- wow!!
    And those cinnamon buns looks amazing. Wish I could pop over and enjoy one in your awesome kitchen!


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