Thursday, August 7, 2014

Garden 2014

The growing season is in full swing in my little corner of the world. We're happy with our garden this year.

Here is a random Mother's Day flower from church that I planted at the corner of the garden plot.  I don't even know what it is, but it's doing well and blooms prolifically.

Peppers and tomatoes are doing fairly well.

Sunflowers behind the corn.  The very, very short corn.

First attempt at beans.  I planted a TON and figured we'd have too many to use and I could can a lot of them.  Not so many, though.

Gorgeous sunflowers before the rainstorms pelted them this week.  Now they look a little sad, but they were glorious last weekend.

Post - rainstorm.

Zucchini makes us happy.  We bake a ton during August!  We also got our first yellow squash today.  Time for a bbq.  :)  We like to make chicken kabobs with our summer squash.

My concord grapes are just starting to color.

 Peaches are beginning to blush.  In just three weeks my forearms will be sticky with their juice.  Best fruit ever.

Nectarines getting ripe, too.

Baby pumpkin.

Corn with silks.

My favorite thing about August is that the Rose of Sharon hedges are exploding with color.
We have a variety of shades.  The blooms last only about a day, then they drop and litter the lawn with fallen petals.  The rabbits gobble them up like candy!

They form the backdrop of my favorite corner of the yard.  It gets a little jungle-y with the vines and such, but it's so lush and I love it.

The biggest one is at the corner of the patio.

Happy yard.  It's been a great summer!


  1. Wow very nice. That must have taken lots time and energy.

  2. Beautiful! And I love the name of that plant - "Rose of Sharon". It sounds like a name that Anne of Green Gables would use and love. :)

  3. You grew some great things in your garden this year!

  4. I am a little jealous of your beautiful!


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