Friday, October 24, 2014

Easy Silhouettes

Let's face it.  We all have a project that we've been 'meaning to get to'.   For me it was silhouettes of the kids.   It's been my plan since the day we moved in to get frames of them up and I've just never taken the opportunity to do it.  

 I was shopping at Ross a couple weeks ago and I knew this framed saying would be a great centerpiece to anchor the silhouette wall.  

It's been ages since I've tackled a great project anyway.  And with my long recovery at home, I might as well do something with my hands.  They turned out amazingly well!  I really love it and can't believe I waited so long.

I'll show you how I did it.

Now, when I say "the day we moved in" I'm not exaggerating.  My begin-with-the-end-in-mind self took these profile photos on the day we unloaded the truck at our new house.  It was nighttime, and I think they really enjoyed me forcing a pic before setting up their beds (snort).

I recommend doing it with better lighting, as I really hated the shadows I had to deal with when cutting.  

Why the day we moved in?  I wanted them to be the exact age in the silhouette that they were when we set foot in our new home.   Sappy.

In a Windows Photo Gallery I changed the saturation and tint so I could print them with just a bit of black ink, cuz I'm cheap.  You want plenty of contrast though, or the next step is too hard.

I cut them out, adding hair features and embellishing a bit (football game optional).  Printing the black & white version on regular paper made them easy to cut and retain facial features.  It still took me a few tries on a couple of the kids.  Even though they'd eventually be facing to the right, I kept flipping them to the white side to get a feel for how they'd look when solid color.  

I used my family for feedback.  If a kid hated how they looked, I realized I probably had to rework their details, and eventually everyone was happy.

After the paper templates were done I placed them on heavy black paper and traced.

I had to try two different cardstocks.  The weight of the first was too heavy and stiff.  Impossible to cut the details out.  A lighter weight one was perfect.

I found simple black frames at the dollar store and used a sky blue herringbone cardstock as a mat for the black profiles.  I just stuck them on the blue background with a tiny roll of scotch tape.



It wasn't hard and it was so fun to do.  I spent $5 on the five frames at Dollar Tree and already had the paper on hand.

 "First we had each other.  Then we had you.  Now we have everything"

I decided to find a moment and do something I've really been wanting.  And it's fabulous.   

We hung it last night and I've been smiling all day.

Update: Nov 2015

I was nervous about the spacing of the silhouettes since we got our fireplace.  But I left them in their same spot and so far I like it, even if it's a bit off balance.  I usually try to offset it with some height on the left side of the mantle.  

What do you think?

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  1. These are absolutely incredible. I love them so much.

  2. Those turned out amazing! Love it

  3. I love silhouettes. Think of how you will appreciate them as they grow! And it feels so good to finish a project that you've been meaning to for a long time -- I have lots of those ! :)

  4. They are lovely. I am going to do something like that for my children. What size frames did you use?

    1. Gods gift - They are 4x6 frames, so fairly small. I was working with a limited wall area, so just use the size that fits your needs. Thanks for the comment!

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