Thursday, October 2, 2014

Inspiring quotes + bath update

I was looking for some church pictures to make a game for Miss Rosebud for LDS General Conference. As I thumbed through old Ensigns and New Eras it dawned on me how many resources are provided for me to use in my home that I fail to take advantage of.  There are free posters, quotes, scripture cards, etc that come to me every month.  So, I decided I had found a moment to add meaning to a spot in our home. 

I dug through a year's worth of magazines and found great art.  Some I will display.  Others I will use for lessons to teach my kids. 

I found a bin of frames from our old house and found one that matched the bathroom mirror.

No cost for this.  Just 10 minutes of my time.  

Flowing? In a Bathroom?  Metaphors abound.   

A few weeks ago I updated our shower curtain and towels.  When I saw how well this quote coordinated with it I was sure this was the one to include on this wall seen by my family often.

I think when we see/read something often enough it can become part of us. I'm glad I found a moment to display these inspirational words.

There's still a few more things to do in here, but for now it's awesome.

Join me all month long while I find moments every day.  
Moments to connect, moments to improve, moments to live.

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  1. Love the colors....I am ready for a change too. The simple fame and quote match perfectly!


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