Sunday, October 12, 2014

Lead me, guide me, walk beside me

On Saturday this handsome kid had a date with a super nice girl to the Sadie Hawkins dance.

This was our first time meeting her and we were so glad, once again, for the good friends that he has chosen to surround himself with.  When kids get older they of course spend more and more time away from Mom and Dad.  We are required to trust that they'll make good decisions and that we've taught them correct principles.  The rest, truly, is up to them.  In the moment of decision Mom is rarely standing there.

During our family prayer on Saturday night Strider was voice.  He prayed for Potter because he was away from home, and then went on to ask that he'd have the spirit with him to make good choices while he was out.

Potter came home about an hour sooner than I expected him.  He told me that after the dance they'd gone to the home of someone else in their group and a movie was started.  He immediately felt uncomfortable and went out into another room with a couple other guys, also realizing his date was hiding out in the bathroom to escape the movie as well.   A prompt decision was made to excuse themselves and call it a night.

I am thankful for all parts of this story.  For Strider's timely request, for Heavenly Father watching over 16 yr old tender youth, for Potter and CL living worthy of the promptings of the Spirit.  I was reminded of how the Lord hears each word that ascends up toward heaven.

How blessed we are to be watched and known by Him! Find a moment today and thank Him - I will.

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  1. Love hearing stories like this :)

  2. I can only dream of this happening when my kiddos are old enough! What a wonderful example!!!

  3. Wow that is so neat. The things that happen when you are listening to the spirit and trying to be the best you can for your family.


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