Friday, October 31, 2014

Perfect touch

Walking in my front door... you a view of my office bookcases right away.

Nothing special, right?  Wait, what's new up there?

Yeah, up there.

Come to Mama!

Meet my luuuuvely metal sphere.  We'll call him Orb.

I know, they're SO 2013.  Yadda yadda.  But I love them regardless.  When browsing Marshalls last week, it was in the clearance section.  SCORE! 

I bought it with my bedroom in mind, but I think Orb has definitely shown us he found a better resting spot.  Welcome, Orb.

Speaking of perfect touches, this 31 day challenge was a jump start - the perfect touch I needed to get me back on my blog. Thanks to all those that have hung around for my posts this month.  Due to physical setbacks, there were less posts than I was aiming for, but more than I usually post, so hey.

For the rest, go HERE.


  1. Only person I know who names your house decorations :)

  2. I found one of those in red for my house in October! Love it too!


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