Friday, October 3, 2014

Purple pride

This kid has had a great season so far.  What a joy it has been to attend the games!  
To sit in the high school bleachers and watch my son.  I love him, and I love football. 
Suiting up after a 100+ of hours of practice is one of life's great rewards, and he is loving being able to play.

Imagine what I felt like yesterday when the announcer said his name over the loudspeaker for the first time.  He's a 2nd string Defensive Tackle. 3rd string Offensive Guard. But he had a great game and was recognized for making a key offensive block.  I was so proud of him!

I found a moment to be grateful, once again, for the chance I have to parent him. 
On and off the field he is a great example of hard work and responsibility paying off. 

All game I waited to ask how it felt for him to hear his name announced.  I was desperately trying to find a moment to share in his glory. Want to know what's awesome?  

He didn't hear it at all.  He gave me a humbly surprised smile when I told him.  

I love him. 

Join me all month long while I find moments every day.  
Moments to connect, moments to improve, moments to live.


  1. He is such a dedicated kid...i love watching them grow up. You and Heath have done a great job :)


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