Friday, February 7, 2014

January roundup

With Rosebud's b-day to finish off our month, let me share some of the other happenings around here in my little corner.

In December my mom asked me to make a travel bag for her.  She is a frequent flyer and uses a travel pillow and blanket on her trips.  Her vinyl bag had ripped some time ago.  

I am just a beginner, so I agonized and over-thought about this thing.  I am so happy with the finished product though.  I learned how to do interfacing and make a gusset and more.

I added a loop for keys or a pair of sunglasses, or whatever.

Definitely a fun project once I got started.

And, for the surprise of the year, our bunnies, who are "sisters", had babies on Jan 1! Wow.  Happy New Year!

Our Honey Bun is a fantastic momma.  We decided to send daddy to a different home, though.  It was sad, but better than another litter.  She had 8 babies and 6 have survived.  

This handsome devil turned a year older.  Like fine wine, I tell you.  He is so marvelous.  I won't say how old he is, but my mom and dad give us $2 per year as our gift.  He's not quite at 80 bucks yet.  Not quite. 

It's the birthday season for us.  We have 6 from both sides of the families in January.  5 more in Feb.

The bunnies get bigger every hour, seriously!

Our family set goals this year.  I will share mine later.

Seriously, every hour.  This is 10 days old.

Two weeks old.

Rosebud got some hand-me-downs from a neighbor.  In the bag was this Tangled dress :)

3 weeks

No, the babies don't live inside.  The kids are allowed to bring them in for a chunk of time after school if they clean up after them.

Sometimes they build makeshift cages for them :)

We kept our cards up for the whole month.  They made me so happy.  We are lucky to have so many people care about us.  The door looks so naked now that they're gone.

It's cool when you can look outside and see horses walking down the street.

We had Strider's fam visit for lunch and it struck me that getting a decent photo of him and his brothers is about as hard as me and my siblings.  Maybe that means we're normal.

It's wonderful to be part of his great family.

Most mornings when I go to wake Princess for school this is what I find.  

They use a pretty tiny portion of the double bed!

The kids treat the bunnies like baby dolls.  

Speaking of offspring behind the wheel....


Thursday, February 6, 2014

Baby turns 5

Little Rosebud is getting less little every day.  Don't they all?  She turned 5 last week.

We had a fun date on her birthday.  With a few days left on our Thanksgiving Point  membership we decided to make the trek to Utah County and visit with the birthday girl, just her and I.  We packed a lunch and even  stopped by my mom's work to say hi while we were nearby.  I don't have pics cause I didn't want to keep track of my camera down there.

Rosebud is a big lover of ice cream, so I did an ice cream cake for the first time.  It wasn't too hard.  Photographing the dang thing was nearly impossible though.

I thought I had a cake board left, but didn't realize I was out till it was time to stack the layers.  I settled on my great-grandma's antique platter.  It looked girly and needs to get used more anyway!

After a failed attempt at using these Wilton Sugar Sheets to make a ballerina silhouette to lay on the cake, we chose a little Barbie figurine from Target that could be played with later.

Rosebud picked pretty pink pearls to line the edges with.  They are truly beautiful, just don't break a tooth on them!

 The frosting is a mix of cool whip and vanilla pudding mixed with only half the amount of milk called for.  It held up well with the ice cream cake and froze nicely.

 Little punk took off her cute birthday outfit and changed into her last year's dance recital costume right before guests arrived.  

She got a set of Barbies, a set of Frozen figurines, two Barbie movies , a pop up play tent, and an outfit.  So fun!

 The cake is a 9x13 split into two layers, and a layer of vanilla ice cream in the middle.  I lined the cake pan with saran wrap, then froze ice cream in it overnight.  Then frosted in the morning before our adventures.  It was perfect in the evening when we had the party.

We love her with all our hearts!