Monday, January 26, 2015

A place to hang the stockings

For the longest time I have wanted a fireplace. A place to get cozy, a mantle to decorate, a home for the stockings.  I have spent 19 Christmases wishing I had a spot for our stockings. This house is old enough. You'd definitely expect a fireplace. Not so.

Strider surprised me just before Christmas when he said to pick one out and get it ordered.  Oh my!!!

We chose a corner gel fuel model. It fits nicely in our dining room in the same corner as the silhouettes, but isn't anchored to anything so we have the option of moving it around if we choose.  (As for the wall, I don't know if I should leave the frames there or not. From the table they look odd, but from the living room I like it).

The sad thing was that the one we wanted was out of stock till just after New Year's. Dang!!  But I have enjoyed putting up my first decorations on it this week.

Happy Valentine's Day! And next Christmas we'll finally have a place for those 7 stockings.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Looking out my lens today

 Thankful for so many things.

My hubby who brought home these flowers after my particularly bad week. These candlesticks pictured were also a gift from him. The color is perfect. They are totally me.

My home. I appreciate it more each day.

My children, who have been working hard academically as midterms approach. They bring me perspective on hard days. They are not without their trials, but they are each a blessing to me. 

School administrators and teachers who really want what's best for the kids. I am getting to know more and more of them here and I am continually impressed by their dedication.

My calling in church, which gives me the chance to seek out those in need. It brings me joy. 

Friday, January 16, 2015


Oh, what a month!

We decorated.

We wrestled.

We baked and shared.

We watched.

We sketched.

We saw and appreciated.

We received.

We played music.

We exchanged.

We wondered and marveled.

We sewed.

We indexed.

What a month indeed!

Wednesday, January 14, 2015


I hosted this year for the first time ever!

Planning out the tablescape was a real highlight for me.  I love, LOVE that part.

Table set for 20.  No big deal. 

The night before the big day, Strider and the girls made maple leaf shaped sugar cookies. Jedi and I frosted and decorated one for each guest.

Using suggestions from Pinterest I cooked the bird in a bag and it did not disappoint.  Despite all my stress it was flavorful and moist.  I was so worried over it!

Some of the buffet.

Strider makes the first few ceremonial cuts.

Then we consult my dad for advice.  Hey, this isn't his first rodeo!  

Serious business for these guys.

We used my beautiful wedding china. 

There was SO. MUCH. FOOD. And it tasted amazing.  Everyone was so generous with their food assignments and helped me out so much.  I just had to do turkey and potatoes.

Absolutely love this family of mine. 

Happy Thanksgiving!!!