Wednesday, January 14, 2015


I hosted this year for the first time ever!

Planning out the tablescape was a real highlight for me.  I love, LOVE that part.

Table set for 20.  No big deal. 

The night before the big day, Strider and the girls made maple leaf shaped sugar cookies. Jedi and I frosted and decorated one for each guest.

Using suggestions from Pinterest I cooked the bird in a bag and it did not disappoint.  Despite all my stress it was flavorful and moist.  I was so worried over it!

Some of the buffet.

Strider makes the first few ceremonial cuts.

Then we consult my dad for advice.  Hey, this isn't his first rodeo!  

Serious business for these guys.

We used my beautiful wedding china. 

There was SO. MUCH. FOOD. And it tasted amazing.  Everyone was so generous with their food assignments and helped me out so much.  I just had to do turkey and potatoes.

Absolutely love this family of mine. 

Happy Thanksgiving!!!


  1. Love all the pictures! So fun

  2. I love reading your blog! But....It makes me miss you so much :( I can not wait for book club to start. I need me some quality time with my good friend Jen!


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