Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Resumes are just paper

I needed this today.  A Better Way to Introduce Your Friends

Not because I spend a lot of time at parties.  I don't.  I don't even enjoy mingling, ever.  But it resonated with me as I just applied for a job here in town that I thought I was qualified for, but ended up not.

I was answering a newspaper ad for a decorating job, which by all accounts was my match made in heaven.  I prepared the best I could, psyched myself up, gained confidence from Strider and others - and then was crushed by the first words out of the boss' mouth.

"Yeah, I know it didn't come through in the ad this way,
 but we're looking for X, Y, Z".  

I was stunned.  In my mind I seriously already had the job and was figuring out my schedule for this new little part time gig. I was that perfect for the listing.  And hey, it's a small town.  How hard could this be?

Instead I was told to "go ahead and fill out an application.  I always keep them on file".  I never got a chance to show him my "resume", a 65 second slide show that showcased my talents and knack for all things beautified.

So, that was that.  I thanked him and went to the front desk. After 16.5 years at home, I stared at the 3 page application like it was written in Arabic.

Really?  You want to know about the medical office job I landed 20 years ago?  Sure.  Oh, by the way, I can take blood pressure readings and draw blood.

I fought back tears as I felt completely inept and out of touch.  I don't possess skills he was looking for and my 18 years of homekeeping aren't anything that's impressive when I write it down in pen.  I love my life and improving my surroundings but my passion doesn't show up in a LinkedIn profile.

I felt completely empty.  I almost called my husband when I got into the car, but I knew I'd just cry.  

By then end of the afternoon I was okay.  My spirits had lifted somewhat.  I remembered that I am more than a resume.  I was humbled by the experience and I realize that I'll have to train and work hard if I want to get back into the work force (which I don't know that I really want to do).

It was a good lesson for me in a lot of ways.  I know that I am good at the job I DO have, and right now that's good enough.    


  1. Ah man! I'd hire you!!! Resumes stink.

  2. Ah man! I'd hire you!!! Resumes stink.


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