Monday, February 9, 2015

Happy New Year!

We started this year as every other, with a big 'ol mess of lucky goodness on our plates.  A few siblings joined me, and we had a good day of football, wrestling, and food.

My mom always insisted we take just a bite to insure a prosperous new year.  I found this article online that explains a lot.

"As funky fumes of sauerkraut blanketed our house year after year, the younger me resented the letdown of New Year's Day. The excitement of Christmas was officially over, it was time to head back to school, and of course my family's good luck food wasn't something kid-friendly, like cookies or ice cream. My mother cooked up her annual big pork roast, mess of sauerkraut, and a pot of black-eyed peas. I wanted none of it, dining sulkily on a pallid pile of mashed potatoes.
Now I'm the one who's gladly stinking up the house with kraut, pork, and peas". 

This is me, minus the black-eyed pea part of the tradition.  I love it, and it has become so much a part of me.  I am very thankful to my parents, for I find that most of the rituals of my youth have been important enough for me to continue with my own family. 

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