Monday, November 9, 2015

Apple pie

The snow outside is perfectly timed. I feel like hunkering down, putting on the fuzzy socks and baking my heart out.

I saw bags of discounted Granny Smith apples at the store this weekend. Pie was calling to me!

I don't really use a recipe. Just Granny Smith, cinnamon, flour and sugar. I was out of shortening so I looked up a recipe for an oil crust. It was great! No rolling. I'm crust-challenged anyway, especially the rolling out part, so this was perfect.  Just google the Better Homes & Gardens version of the oil crust. 

The only thing is that without a traditional crust I couldn't do a top crust. I decided to make it a Dutch Apple pie instead. Mmmm. 

I'm glad it was good, cuz the homemade crockpot macaroni and cheese recipe I tried was a total fail! 👎🏼

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