Saturday, February 7, 2015

Updated Master Bedroom

 So, in our home tour (over there ------>>>)  you've seen the master bedroom when we moved in.    Well, over the last couple months I've been adding and changing a bit.  

We ditched the apple green/ teal for a coral/teal.  So bright and new!  Here's what we did. 

Last September I came across this color palette in Better Homes and Gardens:

...and I fell in love!  

I used it as the basis for a few of my choices in there, and I'm continuing to look for a few pieces as well.  

So, most of these updates were in Sept/Oct.  But the crowning jewel happened almost without warning just the other day. We scored this new (old) bed pictured above.  A Broyhill solid cherry queen bed for $30 in the local classifieds.  Oh, how I love the classifieds!

Our old bed was bought in our first year of marriage from one of those discount furniture places.  It's held together pretty well till we turned the bed and switched walls in the master bedroom.  It turned rickety and we've really needed to replace it, but could only dream of affording a new one.

Bam!  Perfect deal.  I snatched it up immediately. 

They had a dog who scratched it up pretty good in spots, and they added painted hunter green accents in some places.  We'll strip that off down the road because for now it's great.

Look at those chunky legs!  Mwah!

One other wish was for a new comforter.  I ultimately decided to keep with the white look, but I love the added texture we got in this duvet.  I used all my birthday money on it and 4 months later I still think it's perfect.  The comforter is fluffy and incredibly warm too. 

We have a queen bed but I buy king comforters, so we don't have to fight over covers!  So far so good.

The throw pillow is my fave! It looks much too orange in this pic; it's a pretty coral shade.  Here is the stock photo:

It was my full-price splurge in the room.

I didn't get a good photo of the print over the bed, but it says 'Love You So Much' in a perfect light coral.  
I like the modern feel of the frame mixed with the traditional lines of the furniture.

We ditched our little bedside lamps for these IKEA wall sconces.  Perfect use of space and they are awesome to read before bed.

I use my grammy's old coverlet for a throw blanket in here.

 One very exciting thing is that Strider found a way to create a reading corner in this little master bedroom.  We've wanted one for years!  We pulled in an IKEA chair from the family room and rearranged till it fit.  I added a tiny ottoman from elsewhere in the house so we can prop up our feet when reading. I have a thrift store lamp there and the corner is home to Strider's guitar.

The gallery wall I'm making is about half done.

Love my puckered bedding.

This space makes me so happy.  
It's fresh and new. 
It's a refuge and a sanctuary and definitely feels separate from the rest of the home - exactly as it should be.

Thanks for touring our updated and cozy master bedroom!

Source list:

Bed: Broyhill (local classifieds find)
Seersucker duvet set: Target
Down alternative comforter : Amazon
Pink throw: my Grammy 
Teal pillow: Target clearance
Coral pillow: Society 6
Arrow chair pillow: Society 6
Lamp: D.I thrift store
Gray/silver lamp shade: Walmart
Wall sconces: IKEA (local classifieds find)
White chair slipcover: IKEA
Clock: D.I. thrift store
Ceramic owl: Ross
Love frame over bed: Marshalls
Gallery wall frames: D.I. thrift store

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Resumes are just paper

I needed this today.  A Better Way to Introduce Your Friends

Not because I spend a lot of time at parties.  I don't.  I don't even enjoy mingling, ever.  But it resonated with me as I just applied for a job here in town that I thought I was qualified for, but ended up not.

I was answering a newspaper ad for a decorating job, which by all accounts was my match made in heaven.  I prepared the best I could, psyched myself up, gained confidence from Strider and others - and then was crushed by the first words out of the boss' mouth.

"Yeah, I know it didn't come through in the ad this way,
 but we're looking for X, Y, Z".  

I was stunned.  In my mind I seriously already had the job and was figuring out my schedule for this new little part time gig. I was that perfect for the listing.  And hey, it's a small town.  How hard could this be?

Instead I was told to "go ahead and fill out an application.  I always keep them on file".  I never got a chance to show him my "resume", a 65 second slide show that showcased my talents and knack for all things beautified.

So, that was that.  I thanked him and went to the front desk. After 16.5 years at home, I stared at the 3 page application like it was written in Arabic.

Really?  You want to know about the medical office job I landed 20 years ago?  Sure.  Oh, by the way, I can take blood pressure readings and draw blood.

I fought back tears as I felt completely inept and out of touch.  I don't possess skills he was looking for and my 18 years of homekeeping aren't anything that's impressive when I write it down in pen.  I love my life and improving my surroundings but my passion doesn't show up in a LinkedIn profile.

I felt completely empty.  I almost called my husband when I got into the car, but I knew I'd just cry.  

By then end of the afternoon I was okay.  My spirits had lifted somewhat.  I remembered that I am more than a resume.  I was humbled by the experience and I realize that I'll have to train and work hard if I want to get back into the work force (which I don't know that I really want to do).

It was a good lesson for me in a lot of ways.  I know that I am good at the job I DO have, and right now that's good enough.    

Monday, January 26, 2015

A place to hang the stockings

For the longest time I have wanted a fireplace. A place to get cozy, a mantle to decorate, a home for the stockings.  I have spent 19 Christmases wishing I had a spot for our stockings. This house is old enough. You'd definitely expect a fireplace. Not so.

Strider surprised me just before Christmas when he said to pick one out and get it ordered.  Oh my!!!

We chose a corner gel fuel model. It fits nicely in our dining room in the same corner as the silhouettes, but isn't anchored to anything so we have the option of moving it around if we choose.  (As for the wall, I don't know if I should leave the frames there or not. From the table they look odd, but from the living room I like it).

The sad thing was that the one we wanted was out of stock till just after New Year's. Dang!!  But I have enjoyed putting up my first decorations on it this week.

Happy Valentine's Day! And next Christmas we'll finally have a place for those 7 stockings.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Looking out my lens today

 Thankful for so many things.

My hubby who brought home these flowers after my particularly bad week. These candlesticks pictured were also a gift from him. The color is perfect. They are totally me.

My home. I appreciate it more each day.

My children, who have been working hard academically as midterms approach. They bring me perspective on hard days. They are not without their trials, but they are each a blessing to me. 

School administrators and teachers who really want what's best for the kids. I am getting to know more and more of them here and cI am continually impressed by their dedication.

My calling in church, which gives me the chance to seek out those in need. It brings me joy. 

Friday, January 16, 2015


Oh, what a month!

We decorated.

We wrestled.

We baked and shared.

We watched.

We sketched.

We saw and appreciated.

We received.

We played music.

We exchanged.

We wondered and marveled.

We sewed.

We indexed.

What a month indeed!